March 24, 2018

March 24, 2018 – Psychic Investigating Class

If your Intuitive Medium gifts could assist families or law enforcement in finding a missing person, or help solve a cold case murder, would you use them?

Start your professional psychic investigations learning from one of the World’s Top Psychic Detective Join international Intuitive Medium and Psychic Detective Troy Griffin for a presentation on:

* Psychic Investigating
* Missing person(s).
* Murder(s).
* Serial Killing.
* Criminal Justice information.
* Police/Detectives.
* Media and Criticism.

Troy has been considered one of the “World’s Top Psychic Detectives,” by Levity Ball for the work he does. Troy has featured in the NY Post, ABC News, FOX News, Westword, Denver Post TV, and dozens of other publications, interviews by television and radio stations around the world, along with his cases internationally makes Troy an renowned international Psychic Detective.

More details and information coming soon!