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“I am a firm believer in providing honest and ethical services. If I have applied my skills and abilities to the best of my capacity with genuine intent, then your reading should serve as a stepping stone for you to progress on your life’s journey.”

Troy is a international LifeStyle Psychic, Medium, Certified Life Coach (CLC), Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), Criminal Intuitive, Reiki Master, and Intergrated Energy Therapist (IET).All readings are recorded with client access through Google Drive up to 30-days after reading.

Services Offered


Reading Includes:
- Free audio recording.
- Spirit answered questions.

If time permits and not a prior question:

- Career
- Money
- Health
- Friends/Family
- Significant Other
- Personal Growth & Learning
- Fun, Leisure, Recreation
- Psychical Environment (eg. Home)

Readings can be done through phone, Skype, or Zoom.

In-home readings available, call or email for information.

Readings are done via phone or Skype audio or video.
International readings accepted. For session fees, click on book now

30 mins - $160.00
60-mins - $220.00


60-minute reading for the price of a 30-minute reading.
Same service a general reading. $120.00


Group Readings & Public Events!

(4 person min)

These are some of my favorite events!

A psychic group reading involves a psychic or intuitive individual providing insights, guidance, or readings to a group of people simultaneously.

Tuning into the energy of the group, offering information, predictions, or guidance that could be relevant or impactful for multiple participants.

These readings are conducted in group settings like workshops, events, or gatherings, and they can be a fascinating way for individuals to potentially gain insights, find connections, and share experiences. The group dynamic can create a unique atmosphere where collective energy may contribute to the overall experience.

Readings can be recorded.


These are very personal readings. When connecting with someone who has passed, we start with the name, age, and when they crossed over.

Depending on your loved one’s personality when living on earth, (i.e. sky, quiet, didn’t like people asking questions about them, etc.) will be the same on the other site. It is not unusual for others who have passed to come through also. We will identify them all if we can.

I do not recommend a mediumship reading before 30-days after passing.


Troy is an vetted Criminal Intuitive with hundreds of cold cases completed over tw0-decades.

Troy engages in a cold case review process that taps into his intuitive abilities, aiming to uncover new clues, questions, answers, and validation whenever possible for these cases.

It's important to note that this review doesn't constitute a full investigation but rather a focused "look into" the case.

Over the next 10-14 days, Troy Griffin will utilize his intuitive skills to meticulously review and retrace the information provided by spiritual sources. Upon the conclusion of this review period, a comprehensive final report will be furnished.

Troy does not accept all cases that are presented to him. Furthermore, he refrains from involving himself in "revenge" cases. It's essential to recognize that while the information Troy provides can be admissible in a court of law, it isn't guaranteed to be completely accurate. The information he provides is offered as "for your information," and any decisions regarding its use are left to the recipient's discretion.

Cold Case Review Fee: $395.00

For more information on a case, email us at:


A house cleanse refers to a practice aimed at removing negative energy or promoting positivity within a living space. It can vary across cultures and beliefs but often involves actions like smudging, using herbs or incense, playing music, ringing bells, or even simply decluttering and organizing the space. The idea is to refresh the energy of the home, creating a more harmonious and inviting environment.

This is a two-to-three step process. First step is a site visit with questions and answers. Second step will be Troy’s recommendations and plan to remove negative energy which may include incorporating earth elements, furniture placement, and/or decluttering areas of the home. The third step in the process is to do a final walk through at an open house or prior to showings to feel if the energy has been changed to positive.

Troy is an Integrated Energy Therapist that combines his vetted and proven empathic gifts with his formal training in integrated energy work.

Price range: $250 - $6500 based on size of space.

We provide best solutions

30 & 60 -Minute Readings

Public Speaking, Appearances

End of Life Medium Readings

Cold Case Investigating

Troy's Reviews

Mandah C

I am just here to say that months later Troy nailed so many things!! He was right about so many things. I came out swinging after my surgery and he was SO RIGHT about it being a man and woman in a reaching hospital. Thank you so much Troy!

Terri D.

I have attended one of Troy Griffin’s group readings and he was SPOT ON! People were amazed!This man is gifted. If you have an interest in psychic connection you need to be at his group readings. I am witness to his psychic abilities.

Randy Willis, Founder

Ameena M.

He’s the real thing. I had a very clear intuitive reading and am truly grateful for it. A kind, compassionate and visionary psychic.

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