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About Troy

Meet Troy Griffin…

Troy is a devout lifelong Christian. Troy is a full-time exclusive medium, clairvoyant, empath, TV personality, life coach and psychic investigator.

An intuitive since childhood, Troy kept his psychic gifts “in the closet” as he puts it, for fear of being ostracized by his Christian community which was and continues to be a big part of his life. His family consists of pastors, Christian authors, and other strict religious devotees. Contrary to many of their beliefs, Troy Griffin, too, is a devout believer to which he attributes his gifts. Troy does not read tarot cards or use divination tools.

As Troy points out, “God gave me this gift. I didn’t create it on my own.” When leaders in the Christian community express their disapproval of communication with spirit and other psychic work, Troy is quick to assert that as Christians, their job is to love, accept and preach to all people, not just those who suit the conventional paradigm. He covers this topic at great length in a keynote speech he delivered titled, “My Psychic Calling: And Why I Answered the Call.”

Troy’s work as a medium, empathic intuitive and psychic investigator has taken him throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia.

Troy does not hesitate to allow his Christian faith to bleed through into his readings, enabling him to comfort and restore faith in clients who are deeply grieving the loss of a loved one. “Many of the readings I do for private clients are people who have lost children to suicide or to other tragic events, and this has caused them to lose or doubt their faith.

Troy is a highly sought after and nationally acclaimed professional Christian Intuitive Psychic Medium. He has been featured on ABC News Nightline, ABC News7 NY, ABC News Atlanta, ABC Action News2, Fox News21, The CW San Diego Living, Eye Opener TV, Kansas Wichita Eagle, The Denver Post among others.

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