Things to know

Troy is spiritual and a Christian believer.

Troy is straight forward and does not candy coat his readings.

Troy has completed over 14,000 readings worldwide.

Last TV appearance seen by 10 million+.

Troy ask that you have questions ready prior to your reading.

Troy does not use any divination tools. No cards, crystal balls, or metaphysical tools.

Here are some points to ponder when seeking the consultation of authentic psychics

We can’t manifest a romance for you. Or a baby or a job. But we can offer you intuitive insight about the steps you should consider achieving your goal, whether it’s lifestyle adjustments, surrounding yourself with the proper people, or furthering your education or training. Opportunities rarely drop in our laps without investing some intention and energy into making them happen.

We will not make major life decisions for you. This includes ending your marriage, leaving your job, terminating a pregnancy, or even taking someone off life support. (Honestly, do you really want a stranger telling you what to do in these situations?) It is advisable that you also confide in people who know you best, such as family and friends, for advice.

Connecting with deceased loved ones is not an on-demand service. You may desperately want to hear from your beloved father, who passed on, but the reality is you cannot simply dial him up at will. The truth is, going into a psychic reading with such tunnel vision may prevent you from receiving other healing messages that may come through. With me, you have to expect the unexpected, as I usually get the person, you’d least expect to hear from who has stepped forward to express remorse and ask your forgiveness

You may not like everything you hear. This is not a reference to predicting death or tragedy—that’s not the style of authentic psychics. However, our role as intuitive consultants is that of an objective and impartial third party. We want you to succeed and be happy! If you need to clean up your act in order to get your life back on track, we are compelled to communicate just that.

Remember: you will attract what you put out.

Information from one psychic may not match that of another. Among the wonderful things about being human is that we are as unique and individual as each individual is unique. Our spiritual gifts and talents will be channeled through us singularly, colored by our life experiences and what we’ve been exposed to. Receiving information from one psychic that does not align precisely with another does not mean that anyone is any less qualified than the other. There are other variables to consider, such as the unique channeling just described. Even if you returned to the same psychic the very next day, the information has a likelihood of being completely different based on your mood, events in your life over the past 24 hours, or shifts in the energetic field around you. Primary to realize, however, is that you possess free will to do whatever you wish with the information you are receiving and to employ it to your best advantage.

We’re not going to play “Stump the Psychic.” Your attempts to get us to say, “the magic word,” such as naming your childhood dog or repeating your mother’s dying wish, verbatim feels confrontational from the get-go and may actually hinder the psychic process by setting up firewalls of skepticism. We are psychics, not mentalists. Information comes through us from Spirit, and you’ll get precisely what you’re intended to receive. Your fixation on wanting to hear the one thing that’s going to convince you it’s real will block you from hearing anything else relevant. Instead, relax, and please be open-minded to whatever comes through. We’ll both have a great time for it!

There’s no such thing as a “Psychic Emergency.” If you are in a crisis and/or someone you know is a danger to themselves or others, do not reach out to a psychic for advisement; instead, please call 911, crisis intervention or some other community emergency response service.

Now, sit back, relax, and breathe! Enjoy your reading with Medium Troy.

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