Signs of negative energy in house

Last weekend, I decided to look at a few open houses of homes for sale in my area that were older and historical. I find these homes intriguing as they have stories to tell.

During my search, I found a home built in 1941 in Benedict Canyon that had been for sale for more than 200 days. As I arrived at the address, I saw a gated entry that led up to a beautiful house, pool, outdoor kitchen, dining area, and an outbuilding above the garage. The view and privacy were amazing!

Inside the home, I was greeted by an agent who was passionate about real estate and the home. As we walked through the kitchen, I noticed the original features that were kept during the remodeling. We then entered a grand dining room with an out of this world marble table. As we moved towards the back of the house, I noticed that something felt off about the living room, and I mentioned it to the agent. The agent agreed and asked me to elaborate, but I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. I told her that I would look into it later.

As we were leaving, the agent asked if I knew anything about the area. I replied that I knew people who lived in the canyon but nothing else. Later that day, I received a call from the listing agent who said that the agent at the open house called her and told her that I was a medium who specialized in unsolved murder cases. She mentioned that I had felt something off about the home, and she felt the same. I agreed to look into it and let her know if I found anything.

After searching the address online, I found articles about the 1969 murder of Sharon Tate by Charles Manson that happened in the canyon. However, the murder did not occur in the home that I visited. I sensed that a telephone interview happened in the living room of the home. I found an article that confirmed this theory and mentioned that people were interviewed at the neighbor’s house after the murders, which is why the living room had bad energy.

I called the listing agent and shared my findings with her. She was surprised and said that the house next door was where the murders occurred. She mentioned that the house was torn down and replaced with a mansion with a new address due to the number of people who drove by to look at it.

The home was listed for sale the next day, and I heard that there are still some spirits on the property. It’s strange, but I love it!

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