Who Is Troy Griffin, Tiger King 2’s Psychic Detective, And Does He Know Where Don Lewis Is?

As America sinks its teeth into a new season of Netflix’s “Tiger King,” it will be hard to miss the psychic detective there to help solve the disappearance of Don Lewis.

“Tiger King 2” focuses on the mystery surrounding Don Lewis, the missing husband of Carole Baskin, who disappeared from their shared Florida property in 1997. As previously reported, Lewis told Baskin that he planned to wake early the next day to travel to Costa Rica on business. 

He was never seen again and was declared legally dead in 2002.

Theories swirled over the years. Notably, Joe Exotic pushed the unfounded rumor that animal rights activist Carole Baskin, Exotic’s rival, killed her own husband and fed him to her big cats. In the latest “Tiger King” installment, Lewis’s family enlisted the help of Troy Griffin.

Griffin is described in the series as a “Christian clairvoyant empathic psychic medium and psychic detective,” and has his own Youtube channel.

“I’m a psychic investigator on unsolved cold case murders around the world,” Griffin says. “I’m natural. I never trained for this.”

Griffin explains he fell into the craft after meeting someone in a gift shop 16 years ago, and that his readings have led to the discovery of bodies in the past.

“I have to see a picture of the victim because I do remote view as a psychic, where I look into the victim’s eyes,” Griffin says in episode three. “And it’s almost like they’re showing me what happened to them.”

In an interview with Oxygen.com, Griffin explained the efforts taken in the case of Don Lewis.

“So, it is all intuitive on this case, with a little bit of research,” Griffin said. “But I actually traveled down to Tampa and did site visits.”

Griffin joined the Lewis family as they visited the location of Don’s last known whereabouts. He told them there was “bad juju” there before becoming physically ill.

“When I come across something that is more evil to me, then it just comes on randomly, quickly, unexpected,” Griffin told Oxygen.com. “This particular time, it just made me emotional because I see pictures quite distinct. So when I was at that certain property, the pictures… just flowed through me and broke me down.”

In “Tiger King 2,” a tearful Griffin tells Don Lewis’s daughter that Don was murdered there on-site “from behind.”

Others in the series, however, are skeptical of Griffin’s talents.

“You know, the one thing about people in this whole world, whether it’s Carole Baskin’s world or Joe Exotic’s world, is there’s a lot of people around who wanted 15 minutes of fame,” says John Phillips, the attorney representing the Lewis family. “Mostly, it’s helpful, but sometimes, it’s drama that a family doesn’t need.”

Oxygen.com asked Griffin his thoughts on those who didn’t believe in his gift.

“You know, I’m cool with it, and the reason being is because for me, specifically, I didn’t train for my gift. They came on naturally…” said Griffin. “What I came to the conclusion of was that if my gift helped me make a difference or help one person, then it doesn’t matter what anybody else says.”

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