Black Dahlia Murder

During a recent TV filming centered on a 70-year-old unsolved murder case for a CW show, I found myself in Los Angeles, deeply involved in the story of the victim, Elizabeth Short, famously known as the Black Dahlia. In an unexpected turn, my connection with her abruptly dimmed, a rare occurrence in my nearly two-decade career.

Throughout my work, when I connect with those who have passed, even in the realm of unsolved cold cases, I often receive visions, glimpses from a vantage point looking down. The departed typically reveal images or scenes that occurred after their passing. I hold a belief that souls linger before fully departing this world.

For instance, in cases of natural deaths surrounded by family, I can often describe who was present, their positions, gestures, and even items left behind—sometimes extending all the way to the funeral. In cold cases involving victims, they guide me, showing places and moments related to their untimely end.


However, during this particular filming, I encountered an unsettling blackout—a sudden loss of connection that left me questioning my abilities and expertise. Despite this unnerving experience, I remain confident in my skills. Could I be losing this unique gift, I wondered?

Reflecting on this Thanksgiving Eve, a moment of quiet, I found myself pondering this inexplicable blankness. Curiosity led me to search the internet for the Black Dahlia case—an unusual step for me as I typically avoid high-profile cases, preferring to focus on more recent ones where I might unearth fresh clues or aid ongoing investigations.

Over the years, despite numerous inquiries, I had never delved into the Black Dahlia case. Yet, when approached by the producer to explore this case, I unexpectedly agreed, driven by the persistent curiosity that surrounded it.

As I searched online, I stumbled upon an article titled “Black Dahlia Autopsy: What was Elizabeth Short’s Cause of Death.” Intrigued, I clicked and found confirmation of information I had previously relayed to the producers.

This discovery shed light on the reason for my sudden disconnect.

Reportedly, an autopsy revealed the victim’s gruesome cause of death was a fatal blow to the head which caused a brain hemorrhage.”

It’s fascinating how intuition operates, revealing truths amidst self-doubt. It seems my journey into cold cases is far from over.

I’ll share details about the show’s airing for those interested in exploring further.

Here’s the link to the article:–


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