Home Cleansing Smudging.

There are many reasons a home carries negative energy which some negative energy can be caused by, excessive complaining, arguments, divorce, drugs, alcohol abuse, foreclosures, financial stress, seller doesn’t want to let it go, and death. 

One of the biggest contributors of negative energy in a home is clutter. Yes, I said it…CLUTTER!

Have you ever walked through a house or building and just felt uncomfortable?   Walked into a room and a negative feeling came across you? This is the energy we need to remove so we can allow positive energy to flow through the house making the home feel energizing, warm, inviting with positive energy for buyers walking through, and for the new homeowners.

Clearing a home is a great way to clear the negative energy where the new owner(s) will be happy, relaxed, and feel positive in their new home. 

Fee based on square footage of home. Contact Troy for information Troy’s one-sheet is below.

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