“Troy Griffin Captures, Ignites, Motivates, And Inspires Audiences Internationally.”

Internationally acclaimed Intuitive Medium, TV veteran, Speaker, and Real Estate Consultant Troy Griffin captures, ignites, motivates, and inspires people and audiences around the world through his public and private events, TV work and appearances, consulting, speaking events, podcast, and interviews, through the gifts that God has bestowed. Through Troy’s personal, business, and spiritual journeys, obstacles, trials, and tribulations, Troy has helped tens of thousands on emotional, business, and spiritual levels. Troy’s television work and appearances have been seen by more than ten million-plus people worldwide. As a speaker, Troy’s speaking engagements have covered subjects on spirituality, motivation, business, law enforcement, and real estate topics.


  • Corporate Events & Retreats
  • Private/Public Speaking
  • Personal Readings
  • Television & Radio
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Open House Events
  • Interviews
  • Influencing

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